Friday, 18 April 2014

Blekko Going Strong with its Innovative Social Content Curation Site

Blekko’s innovative ways for search seem to be catching up with users.

ROCKZi, launched by Blekko in July 2012, is a visually forceful way to network with fresh content. Just select from the many categories, including sports, medicine, or movies, and get displays on your computer or mobiles, a grid view of items of your choice. All you need to do is, “Read. Vote. Rock”.

Many of us may think what is so special about ROCKZi. After all, Facebook and Twitter already work in a similar fashion.

This new search engine has the answer 

ROCKZi is potentially a way to discover high-quality content on an increasingly cluttered web.

The driving force for Rich Skrenta is curation. The idea is to allow people to curate.

This concept is an extension of allowing search of top-quality content in vertical categories called slashtags. By making slashtags as the cornerstone of ROCKZi as well, Blekko engineers have made an innovation by providing it as a feed.

Easy to navigate

“It is even less complex than a slashtag,” says a user. “You simply select the category you are interested in.”

One glance and the concept appears good. The layout is easy to read and navigate. All you have to do to read the full content is tap on the article’s image to expand the snippet. 

Now ROCKZi application can also be downloaded on mobiles, making it a breeze to read constantly updated content on the go.

Some may say ROCKZi is an amalgam of Pinterest and Flipboard, but the going seems to be good.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Blekko: All Set To Redesign

Blekko recently declared to redesign its website. The idea is to give people a more thorough web search without hassles.

Features of the redesign model

• The search engine plans to use multiple search categories, which will help users get high-quality results with greater efficiency and fewer queries.
• The engine intends to support a responsive model, which will adapt to desktop screen and table screen sizes.
• The new design of the website will feature a novel navigational approach and greater aesthetics to help users have fun while searching, along with getting engaging content.

Slashtag technology

Blekko claims to combine technology with usability to display multiple categories in search engine results. The creators of this engine initially developed a design that let users use slashtags with their search keyword.

The tags separated the wheat from chaff, to be precise, the reliable and relevant websites from billions of spam ones, black hat ones, and link farms.

An improvement in this technology in 2011 resulted in developing the search engine’s ability to show relevant categories without the users needing to type a slash “/” with their search keyword. The developers called this “auto-boosting” of slashtags. This technology increased site usability. However, the users still got the result page with the typical “10 blue links.”

Engineers of Blekko did not rest here. They took a giant leap ahead and developed API feature this year that renders multiple search categories for most search queries. The search engine’s new mobile app “izik” was the first product to leverage this new feature. Now, the engine plans to integrate a bold new design and search approach with this technology.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Blekko : Simplifying and Rationalizing Search

Blekko is an innovative search engine, which uses human input, inspired by the wiki model and is succeeding in its effort too.

Why do you need to outdo the giant Google?
In a fraction of a second, Google leads you to a million pieces of advice, but sadly a great many of them turn out to be superfluous to your query. Our attention span is low and we need exact answers fast.

With trillions of web pages on the internet, it is a cat and mouse game trying to create a page ranking algorithm. However, Richard Skrenta, founder of Blekko, believes even with tens of millions of Web pages it should be possible to make the search simple.

Skrenta is using algorithm like Google or Bing, but with experts or even volunteers to identify the sites they know.
Here is how Blekko works

Skrenta’s technique works on slashtags. Slashtags make it easy to create a vertical search engine on any topic. If you are not familiar with this term, a vertical search engine focuses on a specific segment of online content.

A slashtag is an easy-to-create custom search tool that sorts out searches to deliver only high-quality sites, without spam or content farms.

Consumer search behavior is now evolving. Vertical searches are on the rise. According to an analysis, traditional search services including Google, witnessed a decline of 3 percent in the second half of 2012.

Maybe, one of the reasons is increasing use of mobiles to access the internet. With blekko automatically applying slashtags in areas like autos, colleges, personal finance, hotels, and more, we are sure to witness more paradigm shifts in search approaches. 


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Blekko : Making The Web Space A Perfect Search Station

There are a number of search engines functioning on the web space in present scenario that are in continuous competition with each other for offering the best search experience to its user base. Amongst all these the latest and most talked about search engine is blekko that focuses on providing you appropriate search results so that you need not to spend time on checking out the spams and the scams.

The main objective of the new search engine is to provide better search results than those offered by Google search by offering results picked from a set of 3 billion trusted websites and excluding materials from such sites such as content farms.

The newly introduced search engine blekko offers following features to all its users:

•    Search engine optimization statistics

•    Linking pages

•    IP address lookup

•    Cached pages

•    Tagging of pages

•    Crawl statistics

•    Creating and searching slash tags

•    Finding duplicate content

The feature that differentiates the new search engine from others is the slash tags that reduce the unwanted and undesired search results unlike Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Cases in which functioning of slash tags are important

• Search you can’t do with keywords

• Access to recent material and web data

• Direct access to third party’s API

• Slash through heavily spammed categories

• Vertical search with just your favorite sites

The new search engine blekko is designed to eliminate spam search results allowing users to search just a subcategory of the web through its exclusive slash tag technology. The new features being implemented by the new search engine are designed for both mainstream and the site’s super users.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Try Blekko For Highly Gratifying Search Experience With Categorized Results

Most of the times we get fed up with ordinary search engines that offer inappropriate results with more spam. It is time you tried Blekko that is a technologically-advanced and spam-free search engine that reinvents search process. This technology involves human approach to respect what web surfers are looking for.

The privacy of web users is given due respect by this search engine. There is no tracking of the websites visited or keywords that are used, if the user wishes so.

To make the search experience more engaging, it uses vibrant and colorful images and very rich content that is presented as different categories. These depend on keywords used by users. Depending on these, there will be several categories to help users narrow down on the search.

Based on search terms that are used, multiple categories are shown, so that users can find relevant answers quickly without rearranging words. These categories are designed to capture different features of the search.
With Blekko at your command , it is very easy to navigate through categories with help of arrows present on either side.

There is no need to squeeze out the relevant answer from search engine by manipulation of key words. Most likely, users get what they want in the first attempt itself. It is certainly going to change your paradigm about search.

Blekko is a marriage of human curation and cutting-edge algorithmic technology. It offers gratifying and engaging search experience that is rich and unforgettable. One is sure to get premium quality and curated results by using its user-friendly suit of products, such as search engine, mobile app, and social news platform.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Blekko : Clarifying The Web Search Through Innovative Techniques

We all know about the search engine Google which is the greatest search engine as of now but that does not mean that it cannot be beaten by some new algorithm or a better idea. The new search engine blekko that uses human input to help it sort out the world implements a different approach to compete with Google machine technique.

The search engine makes use of a group of initial users built up categories of the sites they like, and designated them in domains marked with a “slash” (/) symbol, which the public signs onto and builds upon. The search engine also includes an SEO page for individual search results, the ability to comment on a particular site and even the search result’s IP address just by placing the mouse over the link.

The main differentiator of the search engine blekko is the slash tags that are essentially introduced for filtering of search results.Core slash tags are maintained by the community and consist of a list of domains that are considered authoritative on issues on those categories.

The search engine algorithmically detects when a search query would normally return a lot of spam-oriented results from within a certain category, generally from SEO farms. It then automatically applies the relevant slash tag so that users never see spam-oriented content to begin with.

The search engine blekko searches three billion web pages that it considers worthwhile but it only shows the top results on any given topic. The information seekers can also search for results from one site, narrow searches by type or search by topic.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Blekko : Giving A Broad Identity To Your Web Search

Most of the search engines functioning today on the Web make use of smartest and fastest technology to give their user base an appreciating search experience. In continuity to the number of search engines present today in the web space, a new search engine blekko is equipped with all new advanced technology to improve results in really spam-oriented categories.

The search engine actually has great features and has managed to make search not only social but also customizable. The search results being generated by the search engine are designed for broad and higher-level terms rather than highly targeted queries designed to find a specific page or obscure piece of information.
The characteristic feature of the Search Engine Blekko is the slash tag. Slash tags allow you to narrow down the band of search results and cut right to the information you are looking for. In addition to a wide range of relevant slash tags, the users can create their own slash tags, tap into other user’s slash tags or add sites to existing slash tags.

Slash tags utilize the expertise of the members of the search engine community to help improve results for all. To achieve this, the search engine enters into partnerships with expert editors and their communities and also provides a way for you to invite others to edit your slash tags.

The New Search Engine Blekko implements a responsive design in its functioning that puts more content on a single page even as it makes the page easier to navigate.